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More Choice. Maximum Efficiency. 

The DT12® On-Highway Series of automated manual transmissions builds upon the DT12’s proven reputation to provide a trio of purpose-built solutions for on-highway applications. All three models offer:

  • Cutting-edge performance
  • Enhanced fuel efficiency
  • 操作方便,驾驶员舒适
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Max Input Torque (lb-ft)




Overall Ratio




GCW Limit (lbs)





12 forward, 4 reverse

12 forward, 4 reverse

12 forward, 4 reverse

Engine Compatibility

DD13, DD15, DD16

DD13, DD15


Truck Model Availability

卡斯卡迪亚货轮,西部之星57X, M2 112 Plus货轮

Freightliner Cascadia

卡斯卡迪亚货轮,西部之星57X, M2 112 Plus货轮, Freightliner 114SD Plus

Key Feature

Designed for maximum efficiency. 新的设计功能使进一步减速. 增加的GCW等级和耐用性使其在公路上的性能得到改善.

Industry-leading AMT. 多功能性,提供成熟的性能和燃油效率.

Built to maximize weight savings for weight-sensitive applications - up to 125 lbs lighter than the other models.



bbin电竞游戏®DT12®HE变速箱是一款全新的变速箱, extremely efficient option for those customers looking to reduce fuel consumption as much as possible. The DT12-HE is built for customers who demand the ultimate performance from their transmission. Design enhancements include:

Integrated Detroit Powertrain


The Integrated Detroit® Powertrain delivers the performance and dependability you need to run your business efficiently. Detroit has designed, 设计和制造发动机, 变速箱与车轴无缝配合, 为您的业务需求提供最佳的动力总成解决方案. 综合bbin电竞游戏动力系统可在货运班轮卡斯卡迪亚.


  • 综合通信优势: The DT12® 变速器将发动机连接到车轴,并与DD13通信® Gen 5 and DD15® Gen 5 on an integrated electronics network to share damage-reducing information such as clutch overloading and driveline protection.
  • Super-Finished Gears: Tightly-spaced 12-speed gearing, now with "super-finished" gears in the new DT12® available for the Cascadia, 提高低速机动性, 使bbin电竞游戏动力系统不仅强大而且高效, 而且操作平稳、安全.
  • 智能动力总成管理(IPM) The DT12 uses GPS technology and information from a topographical map to manipulate both engine and transmission functions, 利用卡车周围的环境. IPM6对该bbin捕鱼游戏平台的参数进行了细化, 使卡车更能有效地利用周围环境.
  • Transmission Benefits: DT12的直接驱动和超驱动传动装置, along with eCoast, are integrated with the downsped engine — which now idles at a lower 500RPM when off-throttle — for optimized fuel economy.



  • Engine Compliance: bbin电竞游戏提供了一系列符合EPA标准的新型汽车发动机, CARB emissions, GHG, and OBD requirements. Please consult your local dealer to ensure the selection of a product that meets your specific needs.
  • 减速发动机=提高燃油经济性 The DD13 and DD15 with downsped 400 HP and 1750 lb/ft rating deliver greater horsepower and torque at lower RPMs, keeping your truck in top gear longer while cruising at more efficient engine speeds. Lower engine speeds reduce the number of fuel injections, dramatically improving fuel economy.
  • Six-Blade Engine Fan: 六叶风扇在不牺牲冷却能力的情况下降低了功耗.

Steer Axle

  • Numerous Steer Axle Advantages: bbin电竞游戏转向轴提供坚固的强度在一个轻量级的包, 并与其他组件进行最佳集成. 它们是为车轴的寿命而设计的, 具有多个额定值可用于量身定制的重量分布.
  • Superior Maneuverability: The Detroit Powertrain's state-of-the-art steer axles provide a 55-degree wheel cut for remarkably nimble maneuvering. 
  • 滚针轴承提高耐用性: 用针轴承代替衬套, they won't damage the king pins, and offer increased durability.

Tandem Rear Axle

  • 新型节油车轴: 提供最佳的效率和性能, the Detroit Powertrain includes an all-new axle specifically designed to integrate with the downsped DD13® Gen 5, DD15® Gen 5 and DT12®,从而产生坚如磐石的可靠性和耐用性.
  • Faster 6x4 Axle Ratios: The 6x4 configuration is available for applications requiring 4-wheel drive and superior traction. 各种更快的轴比是可用的,从2.41 to 2.28.
  • Faster 6x2 Axle Ratios: 6x2配置拥有一个2.28 ratio, allowing the DD15 Gen 5  to turn lower RPMs with the truck cruising at the same speed. 它与低RPM扭矩曲线和直接驱动传动完美搭配. 这意味着它可以在最高档位巡航更长时间,以获得更好的燃油效率.
  • Lighter 6x2 Axle: 6x2轴配置在串联上包含一个非驱动标签轴, 减少总重量(380磅)和活动部件的数量, delivering better fuel economy.
  • 新的可选轴润滑管理(ALM): The tandem rear axles feature an optional axle lubrication management (ALM) system that actively regulates the oil level at the ring gear and friction-loss optimized pinion bearings to reduce friction and parasitic loss, 延长齿轮寿命,进一步提高燃油效率.



  • 1-Box®The 1-Box is a complete aftertreatment emissions system that combines the SCR catalyst, 柴油氧化催化剂, Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) and Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) all into one simple component.

The AMT Difference

 An automated manual transmission (AMT) offers the benefits of both a manual and automatic transmission. 它的设计使用了一个高效的离合器,而不是一个变矩器, 但是离合器和换挡是由电脑控制的空气系统控制的. Even a novice driver can get to work with minimal effort and fuel—and maximum productivity.

The DT12® On-Highway Series transmissions provide 12 speeds for increased efficiency and flexibility. Its two-pedal design allows the driver to focus on what’s ahead instead of what’s underfoot, 提高安全性和生产率. 作为奖励,与bbin电竞游戏无缝融合® 发动机和安全系统促进最佳性能.

DT12 Explorer



Transmission automatically disengages when the vehicle is coasting to help maximize fuel economy.

Skip Shift

The Transmission Control Module (TCM) sends electronic commands to “skip” unnecessary gears, 帮助增加加速,达到巡航速度快速,平稳, and allowing the driver to accelerate in the appropriate “start gear” based on load and grade.

Powertrain Communication

A Common Powertrain Controller (CPC) optimizes high-speed communication between the Motor Control Module and the Transmission Control Module, 提高整个动力系统的运行效率.

Active Driveline Protection

The Transmission Control Module (TCM) calculates the torque wind-up in the driveline and regulates with engine torque control for enhanced driving comfort and less driveline wear.


智能动力总成管理 (IPM) pinpoints the truck's location and looks over a mile ahead to anticipate terrain. IPM will adjust cruise control, pre-select gears, eCoast and brake the engine to maximize efficiency into the road conditions ahead.

Total Weight

铝制外壳和单副轴有助于减轻重量, 允许更高的有效载荷效率, 同时仍然提供出色的耐用性.

Power Take-Off

DT12® transmissions are available with a proprietary rear-mount-only Power Take-Off (PTO) that may allow customers in the bulk-haul tractor/trailer market to operate applications using liquid trailers, dry goods, wet goods, and moving floors.

Truck Model Options


M2 112 Plus
Western Star
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